Transition being shaped at local level

As we move towards a more sustainable market, the energy system is also becoming more complex. Power generation from sustainable sources is less predictable than carbon counterparts, while demand is on the rise. Grid constraints are evident and traditional retailer models are under scrutiny.  

It is our firm belief that the energy transition is being shaped at a local level. In our fierce ambitions to accelerate towards a low carbon future, we want to facilitate a transparent and fair exchange of power, ultimately making a contribution to a market mechanism that is sustainable, reliable and affordable. Energy for everyone, at the right time.  

ENTRNCE - Spot on power. 

Developing new market models

At ENTRNCE, we set out to simplify the market and make it more transparent. By stimulating local power transactions, we manage grid constraints before they arise and offer a means to facilitate and financially clear bilateral deals between local generators and off-takers.  

Together with our customers, we are already developing new market models. Within the current regulatory framework, we have figured out a way to connect the traditional market to a sustainable & decentralised future. 

Any conceivable  power transaction

With ENTRNCE, we developed a digital, transparent, user-friendly and independent platform for handling any conceivable power transaction.  

Our strong matching algorithms and processing of market data allow generators and consumers not only to find each other on ENTRNCE, but to trade energy with each other and gain insights into the origin and destination of traded power. At any aggregation level & at any given time. 

By stimulating local consumption of renewable power, our solution provides the means to develop new energy concepts that make an important contribution to the stability and affordability of the smart grids of the future. 


Our customers

Users of the platform can execute mutual transactions in a transparent manner. As soon as a connection to the platform is registered, the user can register transactions with other participants on or outside the platform. Each user has their own Energy Account. All financial transactions are processed through these accounts, in a comparable way to regular bank accounts.

Energy Exchange Enablers was established in 2013 to develop market-facilitating innovative solutions for the challenges in the energy transition and decentralization of the energy system.

Yes, indeed! We are happy to visit you and show you a free demo of our platform. Please contact us via the "demo" button top right on this website.

You can become a member if you are a commercial entity and want to make transactions for your own connections (as a connection manager) or to facilitate this on behalf of two or more parties (as a proposition holder). You can start trading as soon as your connections are logged into ENTRNCE. To start working with ENTRNCE, members must deposit sufficient balance in their energy account, the connectors involved (EANs) must be registered with ENTRNCE and the registered supplier for the connectors must be known.

ENTRNCE currently focuses entirely on electricity transactions. We distinguish between two types: Transactions between participants (generators and users) Transactions between participants and a wholesale market (EPEXSPOT, ICE-Endex, energy imbalance market, Intraday, etc.) This allows ENTRNCE to facilitate every conceivable electricity transaction in the energy market.

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A subsidiary of Alliander N.V. ENTRNCE is an independent subsidiary of Alliander N.V. We have been active in the energy market for years and know better than anyone how to make the complex energy world simple and the operation of the energy market transparent.

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