Energy purchasing by municipalities

Oost Gelderland - Netherlands

AGEM is the energy supplier of energy for buildings and public facilities of the municipalities of Montferland, Doetinchem, Oost Gelre, Bronckhorst, Aalten, Winterswijk and Oude IJsselstreek. AGEM uses the ENTRNCE platform to purchase sustainable power 

AGEM itself recruits renewable power generators, makes agreements with them and arranges the administration via ENTRNCE. ENTRNCE enables AGEM to independently and transparently buy the required energy and sell it if necessary on wholesale markets 

Very much like the way consumers link their consumption to individual rooftop power generation, the municipalities use the strong matching algorithms of ENTRNCE to establish a connection between their own consumption and renewables in the area. 

In total, ENTRNCE services approximately 5,000 connections, i.e. communal buildings, sports facilities, lamp posts and pumping stations. The annual purchase of green electricity and gas amounts to 24 MIO kWh and 1.2 million m3, respectively. 

About AGEM 

AGEM was founded in 2013 by eight Achterhoek municipalities with the aim of shaping the energy transition in the area. AGEM has since focused on energy efficiency, renewable generation development and supply of sustainable energy to the area. 


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