Port of Amsterdam


In collaboration with energy supplier Senfal, ENTRNCE has facilitated the Port of Amsterdam to independently purchase energy for its docking ships. The port authority is using ENTRNCE to manage energy costs, by setting up smart bilateral power transactions. 

Ultimately, we want to meet the energy needs within the port with the available sustainable generation in the vicinity. This shore power project is a anticipating this,says sustainable energy manager Robin Schipper of the Port of Amsterdam. Shore power connections have been set up on the quays for river cruise and inland vessels to limit the use of diesel generators. This was always arranged through the energy supplier.  

We asked Senfal to write smart software for us. Berths and times are already known to us via an app. Senfal has provided software that allows us to automatically predict the energy consumption of the coming day. 

Sander ten Kate, director of Senfal: We can accurately predict shore power consumption based on data from the port authority. With this, we determine the amount of electricity that has to be purchased on an hourly basis. This purchasing profile is then automatically purchased via ENTRNCE. In doing so, we have optimised power procurement for the port authority.’ 

ENTRNCE makes any conceivable kind of bilateral energy transaction possible. That basically boils to the port authority’s free choice of purchasing energy wherever they want. In the first instance, we opted for simplicity by purchasing energy from the EPEX spot exchange,Schipper says. We want to go to a situation where ENTRNCE can also arrange purchasing via a sustainable generation facility in the port. 

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