ENTRNCE introduces peer-2-peer energy exchange

19 December 2019

In accelerating the energy transition, ENTRNCE facilitates a more transparent, decentralised energy market. To support our ambitions, we are expanding our platform with a peer-2-peer market exchange functionality. 

Marketplace for energy 
In the past, ENTRNCE facilitated the any bilateral deals between consumers and generators by settling them financially and clearing any imbalance costs of benefits. By adding the exchange/ market place functionality, local power trading has become even easier. Generators can advertise power offering; consumers can procure their power on ENTRNCE. 

Robert van der Hidde, Business Manager ENTRNCE Nederland, about the extension of the platform: ‘The energy exchange functionality is a new market mechanism that enables new price incentives and revenue models for sustainable energy. This energy exchange will be further expanded in the coming years and it may even prevent constraints in the electricity grid in the future. 

ENTRNCE is a subsidiary of Alliander. At ENTRNCE, we set out to simplify the market and make it more transparent. By stimulating local power transactions, we manage grid constraints before they arise and offer a means to facilitate and financially clear bilateral deals between local generators and off-takers.  

Together with our customers, we are already developing new market models. Within the current regulatory framework, we have figured out a way to connect the traditional market to a sustainable & decentralised future. 

ENTRNCE is a digital, transparent, user-friendly and independent platform for handling any conceivable power transaction.  

Our strong matching algorithms and processing of market data allow generators and consumers not only to find each other on ENTRNCE, but to trade energy with each other and gain insights into the origin and destination of traded power. At any aggregation level & at any given time. 

More information? 
Please contact us for more information, or if you would like to see a free demo of our platform. 

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A subsidiary of Alliander N.V. ENTRNCE is an independent subsidiary of Alliander N.V. We have been active in the energy market for years and know better than anyone how to make the complex energy world simple and the operation of the energy market transparent.

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