Harz Energie launches a regional energy market platform, working in partnership with Alliander AG

Press release
3 November 2020

Customers of Harz Energie can now put together their own individual green energy mix, selecting power generated at local plants. This is being facilitated by a local energy platform launched by the supplier. The platform, developed by Alliander and adapted to Harz Energie’s needs and requirements, brings a transparency to locally generated green energy at individual plant level. The platform will be particularly attractive to those operators with plants that will no longer receive assistance under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) from 2021 onwards. The first plants have already signed up.

Harz Energie launched its first local green energy product in March 2020. The electricity involved is generated by a Harz Energie hydroelectric power station located in the Oker valley and by a photovoltaic system in Seesen. The ‘ENTRNCE’ online platform developed by Alliander is now allowing the company to go one step further. Customers are now able to put together their own individual mix of green energy and choose which specific generating plant supplies the electricity.

This gives consumers the opportunity to purchase locally generated sustainable power for the very first time. They are able to choose between generators located within a radius of 50 kilometres, ensuring that power has been generated close by, also within the meaning of the Renewable Energy Sources Act.

The platform opens up new marketing opportunities for plant operators located in the Harz region, the Harz foreland and Eichsfeld. This means that Harz Energie is bringing together consumers and generators, meeting the need for sustainable green electricity products.

“It is clear that customers are becoming increasingly more interested in where their electricity comes from, who generates it and under what conditions. So, in that respect, electricity is no different to meat or cheese,” says Michael Starp, Head of Product Development for Harz Energie, in explaining the motivation behind the project. “The plants on the market from which consumers are currently able to select already generate electricity for around 1,000 households. We are anticipating a great deal of interest in clean energy generated in our region. We are in talks with numerous operators and will soon be adding more plants to the platform,” Starp continues. Harz Energie brings in the TÜV Nord technical inspection agency to certify the quality of its locally generated electricity each year. Shortly after its launch, the product was awarded the regional ‘Typisch Harz’ label.

Harz Energie’s partner in this project is Alliander AG. “With its wealth of experience in the management and control of decentralised energy infrastructures, Alliander is the ideal partner for this regional project,” says Starp, praising the way the Dutch company has worked with Harz Energie.

“Harz Energie is a total pioneer when it comes to the energy transition and, thanks to the efforts of a very efficient and highly motivated team, implementation of the project was extremely fast. It proves that the demand for genuine, sustainably produced products is steadily increasing. Our solution comes at a crucial time, also in view of the expiration of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, as many regional plant operators are looking for alternatives that will allow them to continue to sell their energy products on the market in an attractive way,” says Joyce van de Garde, Head of Innovation and Digitalization at Alliander. “Our solution allows us to bring a higher and more flexible level of quality and service to the market.”

Background information:

Alliander is a leading innovator in digital energy infrastructure. As a service provider to energy suppliers and municipalities, Alliander assumes responsibility for the planning, installation and operational management of infrastructures relating to energy, transport and telecommunications. For decades now, Alliander has been forming trust-based partnerships with regions, cities and local authorities, working with them to support customers for the climate-adapted, citizen-oriented restructuring of the energy supply. The Alliander Group comprises the Alliander AG holding company and subsidiaries Alliander Netz Heinsberg GmbH, Alliander Stadtlicht GmbH and 450connect GmbH.

Harz Energie is a municipal energy supplier in the Harz region, Harz foreland and Eichsfeld, where it supplies around 290,000 people with energy and drinking water. Customers of Harz Energie can count on a reliable energy supply at a fair price. Along with its proximity to its customers and top-level service, Harz Energie is distinguished by the wide range of services it offers.


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