Port of Amsterdam creates energy platform allowing companies to share electricity

From this week, port companies operating at the Port of Amsterdam can use SEP (Shared Energy Platform) to supply electricity to each other. SEP is an initiative of the Port of Amsterdam, developed in close collaboration with Entrnce, a subsidiary of grid operator Alliander.

Companies at the Port of Amsterdam are reaching the limits of the available capacity on the existing electricity grid. Connecting to SEP allows them to share electricity with each other. This results in cost savings for the companies concerned. It also allows the electricity infrastructure at the port to be put to better use, which is the motivation behind the creation of SEP. SEP focuses specifically on optimising the supply of energy in the port area, thereby contributing to an improved and sustainable business environment.


Peter Molengraaf, former CEO of Alliander and director of SEP: ‘Over the coming years the electricity infrastructure at the Port of Amsterdam will undergo significant expansion. However, the supply of renewable energy and demand for electricity are growing at an even faster rate. We are also seeing increased volatility on the energy grid, at times of high winds or when electric delivery vans need to be charged, for example. By allowing companies to share electricity and work together smartly at peak times, we can make better use of the existing electricity infrastructure and also save costs.’

The software used by SEP was developed by Entrnce, a wholly owned subsidiary of grid operator Alliander. Alongside the connected companies, electricity from the Ruigoord wind farm and from waste incinerator AEB is also being offered on the platform, which matches the supply and demand of the connected companies every 15 minutes. If a match is found, this benefits both of the companies concerned.


Robin Schipper, founder of SEP, working on secondment from the Port of Amsterdam: ‘More and more companies at the port are consuming large volumes of energy. Take companies in the circular economy that convert waste and residue flows into new products, for example. With SEP we are linking these companies together. This is done in an accessible way, simply by means of an energy contract. Instead of having an energy contract with the usual suppliers, you now have one with your neighbours. It’s possible that this will make it less of a leap for them to work together on other aspects of the energy transition too.’

For more information go to: www.sep-energy.nl

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