The platform of the decentralised energy market

Direct access

Direct access

Provides direct access for all to energy markets (EPEX, ENDEX, Intraday etc.).


Handles all administrative and financial energy transactions in a completely transparent and automated way.


Allows direct energy exchange between generators and purchasers.

Reinventing the energy market

ENTRNCE is the first independent platform that supports any thinkable bilateral power trade. It executes direct administration and financial transactions between generators and users, regardless of their location. Completely transparent & fully in accordance with the rules and timing of the Dutch energy market.

Realise every possible energy proposition

ENTRNCE facilitates all possible energy transactions (purchase and sale) between all electricity connections (large and small) and with energy trading markets in the Netherlands. The concept responds to the need to exchange decentralised energy with each other and makes energy transactions not only easier, but also cheaper.

Contact Oude Oeverstraat 120
Arnhem The Netherlands
+31 85 303 6390
A subsidiary of Alliander N.V. ENTRNCE is an independent subsidiary of Alliander N.V. We have been active in the energy market for years and know better than anyone how to make the complex energy world simple and the operation of the energy market transparent.

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