Stadtwerke Bielefeld makes transparency and regionality the focus for energy supplies

ENTRNCE, Alliander AG’s digital platform, facilitates a new, regional electricity product

Since 1 July, consumers in Germany’s East Westphalia-Lippe region have been able to put together the electricity mix they purchase themselves, selecting from renewable plants located in the surrounding area. By making this possible, Stadtwerke Bielefeld (the Bielefeld municipal utility) is responding to increased customer demand for transparency and regionality. ENTRNCE, the digital platform developed by Alliander AG that coordinates the supply and demand of energy locally, is facilitating this.

The Bielefeld municipal utility has made extensive changes to its range of charges and switched its entire product portfolio for private customers to green electricity. This has been done without any additional cost to consumers. The new ‘vonhierwechStrom’ rate also allows customers to opt for energy generated in their own region. The Bielefeld municipal utility is working with Alliander AG to make this possible, introducing a digital energy platform as an integral part of its service. This means energy customers can now put together their own green electricity mix. The Bielefeld utility’s aim is to actively contribute to the energy transition and provide operators with an attractive marketing platform for their regional generating plants.

Renewable energy from the utility’s plants had previously been marketed as ‘Bielefeldstrom’ (Bielefeld Electricity). With the introduction of the ENTRNCE digital platform, this rate has now been replaced. “We were looking for ways to give our customers more alternatives where green energy is concerned. ENTRNCE allows us to strengthen the relationship we have with our customers and meet the increased demand for transparency and regionality,” says Rainer Müller, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bielefeld.

“Municipal utilities have recognised that customers need transparency where the electricity supply is concerned, and are showing a great deal of interest in regional power solutions. ENTRNCE is not only being used in Bielefeld but also by Harz Energie, and is being rolled-out at nine other municipal utilities in Germany. I am delighted to see that the years spent working to develop sustainable infrastructure solutions for local energy suppliers is now adding real value to the community. Digital platforms that make that connection between consumers with suppliers create that added value,” explains Frank Zeeb, Chairman of the Board of Alliander AG.

By using the ENTRNCE white-label platform developed by Alliander, the Bielefeld utility is well on its way towards a more sustainable, consistently renewable and digital future. Both consumers and operators of renewable energy plants in the region benefit. Transparency gives households a better understanding of the regionally generated green electricity supply in their area and allows them to autonomously decide on their own mix of products. At the same time and with the help of the ENTRNCE platform, municipal utilities can offer RE plant operators a new, straightforward, long-term marketing opportunity for their electricity supply.

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