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Reinventing the energy market

In the UK, we are chasing a flex solution for DNOs and three retailer concepts: half hourly matching for corporate PPAs, wholesale & p2p trading ánd a consumer marketplace for sustainable power.

Half hourly matching for CPPA’s

As large corporations become more critical about the traceability of sustainable power, the current REGO-system might face scrutiny in the future. Our strong matching algorithms offer retailers the tooling to enrich corporate PPAs with accurate, real time insights into the source of power. 

ENTRNCE offers retailers: 

- Powerful matching algorithms
- 100% accurate traceability insights 
- Fancy visualisation 
- Simple integration with retailers back-office 

Do you believe traceability of power is becoming more and more relevant? Are you looking for an edge over rival retailers in the competitive world of PPAs?  

Look no further!

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Market place functionality

We believe in a future where energy choices will be made more independently. ENTRNCE provides a consumer market place that allows households to choose their own energy source. Directly from local DERs. Or even from the neighbour. Let’s unlock the true potential of a distributed market!  

The ENTRNCE marketplace supports: 

- Freedom of choice for consumers 
- Energy & financial data insights 
- Limitless aggregation levels 
- Easy to use consumer front-end 

Do you have DERs in portfolio? Are you looking to expand your services towards consumers? Or are you a new entrant looking to service consumers in a new way?  

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Solution for preventing congestion management and direct intervention

As Distributed Network Operators move towards a role as Distributed System Operators, flexibility and data management are becoming important in managing constraints. In a decentralised market, DSO’s will require tooling to administrate, manage and operate their grid efficiently. 

ENTRNCE provides a piece of that puzzle: 

- MPAN-2-MPAN matching
- Financial settlement of any conceivable transaction 
- Insights into contracted flex and actuals 
- Simple API-integration with flex platforms 

Do you believe local transactions between off-takers and renewables help balance the grid and save costs for intervention measures? Are you looking for a system that can handle the administration ánd financial settlement of contracted flexibility?

We have the answers!

Trading: wholesale ánd P2P

With margins becoming tighter & tighter, energy companies are moving towards ‘power as a service’ models. Transaction platform ENTRNCE provides retailers, new entrants & aggregators with the tooling to challenge the ‘fixed price’ status quo, by unlocking new client propositions. 

ENTRNCE supports: 

- Any conceivable transaction: P2P ánd wholesale trading 
- Limitless aggregation levels 
- Financial settlement & imbalance closure 
- API-integration with back office systems 

Are you looking to provide customers with new propositions, but is your back-office not set up to support decentralised propositions?  Or are you a new entrant looking for quick market access?  

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