Energy Exchange Enablers becomes ENTRNCE International


16 April 2020

Energy Exchange Enablers (EXE), a subsidiary of Alliander NV, has changed her name intro ENTRNCE International.  

ENTRNCE was always one of the  three EXE market propositions, but now continues as an independent company within the Alliander framework. The two other propositions, R.E.X. and ZOWN, both go different ways. R.E.X., a demand-response software solution, has been cut. The Smart Grid solutions of ZOWN are now part of the Firan offeringwhich is is also a subsidiary of Alliander. 

Increasing demand for innovative solutions 
Energy Exchange Enablers was established in 2013 to develop market-facilitating innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition and decentralisation of the market mechanism 

As demand for power is on the rise (e.g. smart home applications, heat pumps and EVs), pressure on electricity grid capacity is increasing. In additionthis also creates an administrative challenge, a the processing of generation and consumption data becomes more complex.  

Grid operators have a crucial role in facilitating this data need. This is what we call market facilitation. ENTRNCE wants to facilitate this change. Both in the Netherlands, but also beyond. 

Rob van der Horst, CEO of ENTRNCE International:   

“As part of a network company, we have an important task to facilitate the increasing demand for direct sales of electricity between generators and consumers. Transparency about the exact origin of sustainable power plays is becoming more important. Matching the timing of generation and consumption is becoming valuable. We facilitate this in the Netherlands with a digital Peer2Peer Energy Exchange which can be used by generators, consumers and service providers in the energy market. We also share our knowledge about Peer2Peer solutions with foreign parties, as they have exactly the same issues. Through these international scale-up efforts, we hope to maximize our social contribution. 

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A subsidiary of Alliander N.V. ENTRNCE is an independent subsidiary of Alliander N.V. We have been active in the energy market for years and know better than anyone how to make the complex energy world simple and the operation of the energy market transparent.

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