Evergreen Smart Power and ENTRNCE join forces in the UK

Evergreen Smart Power and ENTRNCE join forces in the UK


13 May 2020
ENTRNCE has found its first 
business partner in the United Kingdom. The Alliander subsidiary has joined forces with Manchester based Evergreen Smart Power (ESP). Smart software and connected hardware allows ESP to manage the collective loads of consumer charging points, heat pumps and home battery systems in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) 

‘We feel we can truly create a win-win together, as ENTRNCE can optimise VPPs with peer-2-peer propositions. Our platform also provides means to power these energy systems with 100% traceable renewable power’, says UK Business Manager Jaron Reddy. ‘Together, we can make renewable energy more accessible for consumers and provide a level of independency by optimising energy efficiency.’ 

Andy McKay, CEO of Evergreen Smart Power: We are really excited about teaming up with ENTRNCE in the UK. Our software platform integrates a wide range of energy technologies and manages them in real time. This means we can also react to grid conditions, by increasing or limiting power consumption. In that way, we can also help DNOs  to deliver their flexibility services.’ 

Evergreen Smart Power is demonstrating the power of VPPs in its FRED and DINO trials. As part of this exciting program, ESP is managing the loads of 250 householders to explore routes to market for domestic DSR – largely focusing on electric vehicle charging and the smart management of EV’s, heat pumps and batteries on low voltage networks.

Please feel free to contact our UK business lead, Jaron Reddy (jaron.reddy@entrnce.com) for more information.

ENTRNCE is a subsidiary of Alliander. At ENTRNCE, we set out to simplify the market and make it more transparent. By stimulating local power transactions, we manage grid constraints before they arise and offer a means to facilitate and financially clear bilateral deals between local generators and off-takers.   

Together with our customers, we are already developing new market models. Within the current regulatory framework, we have figured out a way to connect the traditional market to a sustainable & decentralised future.  

ENTRNCE is a digital, transparent, user-friendly and independent platform for handling any conceivable power transaction.   

Our strong matching algorithms and processing of market data allow generators and consumers not only to find each other on ENTRNCE, but to trade energy with each other and gain insights into the origin and destination of traded power. At any aggregation level & at any given time.  

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A subsidiary of Alliander N.V. ENTRNCE is an independent subsidiary of Alliander N.V. We have been active in the energy market for years and know better than anyone how to make the complex energy world simple and the operation of the energy market transparent.

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