Strategic alliance between BAM and ENTRNCE for energy services


Bunnik, Netherlands, 10 June 2020 – BAM Energy Systems and ENTRNCE International have entered into a strategic alliance for the provision of energy services. The two companies aim to make those services transparent, with business users becoming an active part of an energy community. BAM and ENTRNCE believe that this will lay the foundations for a healthy, sustainable and connected built environment. An independent platform, developed by ENTRNCE for this purpose, provides access to energy markets and makes it possible for users to share energy. This optimises the use of sustainably generated energy and maximises local usage. In turn, this enables BAM to make the energy supply for its business customers demonstrably sustainable, and affordable.

Combining the ENTRNCE platform with building data and knowledge enables building owners to purchase energy themselves and to exchange it with other buildings. Energy generators and consumers can then trade energy with each other, all the while knowing the origin of and destination for it. BAM is already using the platform for its own office buildings in Bunnik (NL) and expects to be able to make this innovative energy concept available to the business market very soon.

“BAM is in a position to bring about an acceleration in the energy transition,” explains Robert van der Hidde, Business Manager for ENTRNCE in the Netherlands. “If a large construction company engages with smart energy services to effectively align generation and consumption, more room is created on the grid for sustainable energy. This then makes the supply of energy sustainable, affordable and reliable.”

“We believe that adaptive buildings play a key role in building a healthy, sustainable and connected future,” added Dennis van Goch, Innovation Programme Manager for BAM Energy Systems. “By linking buildings together in energy communities and through smart management of the renewable energy available, we can increase the value of any sustainability measures taken. ENTRNCE makes it possible for BAM and its customers to exchange energy in a transparent way and to use demonstrably sustainable energy. Through this, we are working together to build the energy market of the future.”

Building-specific advice

A link between BAM’s data platforms and the ENTRNCE platform improves BAM's ability to provide building-specific advice. This means that energy and system optimisations can be presented directly to the building owner, together with the underlying business case. This gives the building owner the opportunity to reduce costs and the carbon footprint.

Energy grid stability and affordability

Making buildings smarter makes it possible for them to use energy at the exact point in time it is available. This not only results in energy savings but also leads to an optimum use of locally generated energy and a reduction in network peaks. This allows users to opt for demonstrably sustainable energy and favourable prices. The platform therefore makes a significant contribution to the stability and affordability of the energy grid.

BAM Energy Systems

The built environment presents plenty of opportunities for making energy savings, increasing sustainability and enhancing people's well-being. BAM Energy Systems has been working on these improvements for many years, and with success. We do so by supplying and managing energy and sustainable energy systems for offices and homes. We provide guarantees on energy consumption and energy bills, as well as property user comfort and well-being. We monitor the energy performance of buildings and increase predictive power, based on the data we collect. And we also develop new energy concepts. When it comes to developing, designing, building and operating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, homes and systems, BAM is the standout choice.


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